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iPhone Car Charger™

iPhone Car Charger™

iPhone Car Charger™

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Charge More Than EVER Before

NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY: Say goodbye to the old days where you had to sacrifice your music or your navigation or run out of power before landing at your camping site. This handy gadget with smart IC technology will turn that DC adapter into a full-speed charging station, ready for charging your thirsty devices.

SMART DESIGN: Plug the iPhone car charger ™ into your car's DC adapter, and enjoy an unlimited time of charging for all your devices. This charger will allow you to continue using any other electronic devices such as Radio, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi even while they charge.

ENJOY FAST AND SAFE CHARGE: iPhone Car Charger provides you with a cleverly coiled lightning cable and an additional USB port to charge both your devices simultaneously, giving you up to 4.8A of fastest charging output per port.

ULTRA RELIABLE: Stay charged up with Syncwire's powerful iPhone Car Charger. This durable car charger features a sturdy polycarbonate shell and built-in "Smart IC" and is small enough to fit in your laptop bag. The design prevents overheating, over-load and over-charge.

EXCELLENT BUILT-IN CORD: The cable can extend to 1.2m if pulled tightly while it naturally extends to approximately 0.2m, with first-rate (3000+) shape retention! The optimal using length of this lightning cable we tested is 0.6m-0.8m

SLOT INDIRECTLY: The slim connector of the lightning cable can fit all aftermarket cases & accessories( including Life proof & Otter box cases ). No need to take off your bulky case.



Product Dimensions: 4.41 x 3.23 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight: 1.44 ounces

Connectivity technologies: USB

Other display features: Wireless

Colour: Black

Included Components: iPhone car charger with coiled lightning cable


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