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Car Microfiber Cleaner (Pack of 5)

Car Microfiber Cleaner (Pack of 5)

Car Microfiber Cleaner (Pack of 5)

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These towels are so soft and smooth that they will make your car shine like brand new! 

THE ULTIMATE CAR CLEANING TOOL: Lint-free, streak-free cleaning & polishing with a non-abrasive design that won't scratch surfaces, paints, stainless steel, glass, or clear coats. Whether you’re indoors cleaning your kitchen, or outdoors washing and detailing your car, this powerhouse cloth can tackle the toughest of grease, dirt, dust, & spills!

ULTRA PLUSH & SOFT MATERIAL & SCRATCH FREE: Ultra-soft and highly absorbent microfiber cleaning towels, can be used as car washing towels, car drying towels, auto polishing buffing towels, waxing towels, finishing towels. The plush side is great for removing dirt, while the soft side is ideal for polishing and buffing.

This highly absorbent microfiber towels will leave you with a showroom shine and amazingly streak-free finish.

Dual Sided: Containing 360,000 highly refined hooked microfiber strands per square inch, the SOLID cleaning cloth has two different lengths on each side. One side with longer looped fibers designed to easily pick up dirt and debris, and the other side with a shorter and tighter nap that is excellent for polishing and buffing for a pristine and streak-free finish.

ABSORBENT & LINT FREE: These non-abrasive microfiber cleaning towels can soak up water instantly without lint or streaks left behind. Clean with or without water, from auto, motorcycles, vans, trucks, appliances to worktops, garages, offices, and they will bring you superior cleaning experience.


REUSABLE & LONG-LASTING: They are durable and made to last, featuring high-quality stitching with reinforced edges, and can be machine washed up to 500 hundred times. They are lightweight, super absorbent, and dry quickly, make your car washing and detailing jobs a breeze.

ABSORBS 10x ITS WEIGHT IN LIQUID: Constructed with ultra-absorbent 80/20 microfiber fabric blend, it’s 5x thicker than the leading competitor. It picks up water and unsightly spills in one quick swipe!

USE & CARE: These premium microfiber cloths are safe to be used under dry or wet or spray conditions on various surfaces. Always keep dry after use. Hand or machine wash in warm water under 60℃ separately from other items.

Great Size: These cleaning cloths measure 16" x 24" inches each. Not too big, not too small - just right.



Color: Dark Gray And Yellow Series

Material: Polyester and nylon/ microfiber




5pcs Extra Soft Car Wash Microfiber Towel


 With these microfiber towels, polishing and waxing will be quick and effortless!

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