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Portable Car Wash Gun

Portable Car Wash Gun

Portable Car Wash Gun

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You get the same effect of a professional car wash without having to get out of your own home.

Breaks Down Dirt Quickly from your Vehicle: The water gun has a high-pressure spray that breaks down dirt quickly to remove it from your automobile's body. The water pressure gun has an integrated water tank that is easy to refill. It also features adjustable pressure settings for maximum control. The high-pressure pump can reach up to 150 PSI, which makes this tool effective for use on any kind of vehicle.

Intelligent powerful washer pump: This intelligent powerful washer pump is a must-have in a garage or workshop. It starts and stops automatically following the movement of the handle. It is connected to a water supply with a hose and can reach a distance of 7-9M according to your needs. This is equipped with a safety protection device that is able to protect your car from being sprayed by this automatic washing machine.

Convenient for your daily activities: This pump will clean your vehicle so easily! You can try to wash out mud, dust, bird droppings with this powerful washer pump, DIY washing to the wall, pavement, roof, or other things. So this product is very convenient for your daily activities.

A revolutionary approach to washing: a new, revolutionary approach to washing cars, boats, campers, trucks, travel trailers, RV's, homes, and other outdoor surfaces. This high-pressure water system is safer, uses less water, and leaves your vehicle sparkling clean without all of the chemicals that are found in traditional car washes. Just hook it up to your own garden hose or fire hydrant and you are ready to go! Try it on your house for cleaning siding or windows!

Multi-purpose solution for washing: Multi-purpose solution for washable surface, designed for automobile cleaning and grooming, washable surface (home projects like wall washing), boat cleaning, and grooming. Washing features a Self re-sealing easy-close cap that's fast and easy to use. Simply turn the can upside down, open the spout cap, spray onto the surface to be cleaned, wipe with a clean cloth or scrub brush, then rinse. 

Lightweight, compact, simple to use, and ergonomic: comparing with a normal car wash, our car cleaning wash pump save up to 80% water. This not only saves you money but also protects the environment. It is easy to assemble, transport, lightweight, convenient, and powerful enough for most smaller jobs like cleaning screens, small porches, garages, etc.


12V Car Pressure Washer: This car washer carries a high-power pump, can provide much more pressure when you washing your love car, and let you enjoy the fun dripping of washing.

Easy Installation: Our 12v car pressure washer is designed for quick installation uses, greatly reduces the preparation time. The water inlet can be connected to the pump tightly in a few seconds, and also the outlet. Start the car, and it is ready for use.


Rated Power: 100W 

Voltage: DC 12V 

Pressure Setting: 145PSI 


The Largest Flow: 5.5L/MIN


1*100W Water Pump 

1* High-Pressure Water Gun 

1 * 8M PVC Pipe with Easy Connector (Water Out) 

1*3M Car Cigarette Charger 

1*1.2M Pipe with Water In Filter 

1*Instruction manual

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