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BloomCar™ Steering Desk

BloomCar™ Steering Desk

BloomCar™ Steering Desk

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It's easier to eat on the go, and write reports on it too!


HANGING DESIGN: This double-sided steering tray can fix to the steering wheel in seconds without any hassle. It works as a writing table or as a platform for your laptop computer. A must-have accessory in the car of a busy executive.

USEFUL AND PRACTICAL: Now you can give a last-minute touch to that presentation or the report before meeting the client or boss. You can just do it in the air-conditioned comfort of your parked car.

HAVE MEALS: This is useful if you want to have your breakfast or lunch in your car. Or just at any of those drive-in eateries which serve food into your car.

✅ Multi-Purpose: The desk has 2 sides, one for doing desk work and another that's for eating on the go, giving you more comfortable working or eating space inside your car!

✅ Lightweight yet Sturdy: The Steering Wheel Desk weighs only at 0.352 lbs but can support up to 11 lbs of weight allowing you to flexible desk use!

✅ Ergonomic: Features a wide desk space while not making your interior feel cramped so you can have a comfortable workspace in your car!

✅ Convenient: The Steering Wheel Desk is easy to install in seconds and easy to store. Just stow away afterwards!


Colour: Black/Gray
Weight: 0.6KG
Feature: Universal for any auto
Material: ABS
Size: 425X285X25mm