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Armrest Pet Safety Seat by Bloomcar

Armrest Pet Safety Seat by Bloomcar

Armrest Pet Safety Seat by Bloomcar

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Everyone who has a pet should have this safety seat!

DID YOU KNOW? Lack of comfort while driving can lead your pet to suffer all kinds of physical and mental health problems.
Let your pets feel more secure than ever before with this all-new Bloomcar armrest pet safety seat.
INTERACTION SEAT: This is a special high-end pet car seat. It can be placed on the armrest in the car,Or on the armrest of the back seat to increase the intimacy between the pet and you, Your pet can enjoy the scenery and have enough security.

NO MORE PET HAIR IN THE CAR: Give your dog a better view and keep their hair all in one spot. Our dog car seat makes dogs feel safe and comfortable while slightly boosting them up from the car seat giving them a better view while driving.
DURABLE & REMOVABLE: The Pet car seat is made from waterproof high strength pure cotton, which is hypoallergenic and does not contain any toxic or harmful materials. Zipper design can be separated for easy cleaning.
SAFE & SECURE: Our Pet seat can cling tightly to your Car armrest, the Hook & Loop prevent shaking off and dropping out.
MORE SPACE FOR YOU: With our pet car seat, the car space will no longer be occupied, you can touch or watch your pet at any time, and you can also sit on the copilot to feed them.

INSTALL QUICKLY & SECURELY: With two safety belts fix the booster seat to prevent it from sliding in the car, No assembly is required; installs quickly and securely on either front or back bucket seats or smaller side of the split seat. Collapsible for easy storage when not in use.
UNIVERSAL FIT: It can be fit into any car that has armrest boxes. Your dogs and cats are going to be thank you for this greatest gift.


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