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BloomCar™ Fiber Carbon Exhaust

BloomCar™  Fiber Carbon Exhaust

BloomCar™ Fiber Carbon Exhaust

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Turn heads with our new muffler exhaust tips!

INCREASE PERFORMANCE AND THERMAL PROTECTION: The carbon fiber exhaust changes the thermal protection strategy of the silencer, greatly increasing the performance of the silencer, extending its service life. It also improves driving comfort. 

MAKES THE EXHAUST SMOOTHER: High-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, rustproof, lightweight, and durable. Makes the exhaust smoother and improves the power, give you a nice driving experience.

ADD FUNCTIONALITY AND STYLE: Add functionality and style to your vehicle with a sleek new exhaust tip, with LED light integrated into the top. This high-quality product improves the functionality of your exhaust system since it features a premium level of carbon fiber reinforcement.

OUTSTANDING QUALITY LED LIGHT: It is a powerful, easy-to-install muffler tip with a sleek carbon fiber design. This remarkable car accessory is able to unleash the power potential from your vehicle. One of the most exciting features of this system is that it provides an outstanding quality LED light.


HIGHEST QUALITY CARBON FIBER MATERIAL: Our exhaust tips are made from the highest quality carbon fiber available. Finished to a showroom standard, they feature a high-quality clear coat & touch-up paint to match your car perfectly.

EASY TO INSTALL: It sounds like no other exhaust muffler on your car. Its sporty appearance is paired with its lightweight design which makes it easy to install.


LIGHTWEIGHT ACCESSORY: This revolutionary lightweight aftermarket accessory will enhance the style of your vehicle, improve performance and give your car a great look!

AESTHETIC ENHANCEMENT: The Exhaust Muffler Tip Tail Pipe is a great addition to any vehicle. A muffler with LED Light adds fancy and add noticeable aesthetic enhancement to your car. The overall construction is compact and lightweight, which makes installation easier.


Material: High-quality stainless steel

Item Weight: ‎1.27 pounds

Model: Exhaust Pipe tip

Package Dimensions: ‎8.27 x 5.51 x 5.12 inches


1 X Universal LED Fiber Carbon Exhaust (2.5 inches)

This is not only functional but an attractive accessory to add to your car! Grab our Limited 50% Discount Offer!