BloomCar Neck Support Pillow

BloomCar Neck Support Pillow

BloomCar Neck Support Pillow

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Our Neck Support Pillow will make long journeys more comfortable, not to mention safer.

PROMOTES HEALTHY POSTURE: When designing this headrest we wanted to make sure that it not only helps to relieve pain but helps to improve posture. Slumping in your seat is a common issue, and can cause you to inadvertently bend the spine in unnatural ways. Our Memory Foam Car Headrest is ergonomically designed to help encourage and remind users to sit upright with good posture.

MAXIMUM COMFORT: Experience travel like never before with our headrest support cushion. It’ll turn the most brutal, long, uncomfortable journey into a more comfortable, enjoyable one. That’s the power of our cushion. Made with thick high-density memory foam, it easily molds to the shape of your head, providing you with a personalized touch of comfort and support.


EFFECTIVELY RELIEVE PAIN: Among many of us backache, neck pain and discomfort is a common occurrence after driving. This is a huge problem that can have significant impacts on your health by causing damage to your spine. Our Headrest Cushion aims to limit the impact by providing support to your neck, spine, and back. This additional support can prevent neck stiffness and ease the discomfort of long-distance travel.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN: We want to help as many drivers as possible have a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Our Memory Foam Car Headrest is universal and is compatible with any vehicle. This makes it easy to switch your headrest between vehicles, allowing you to experience the ultimate comfort for any journey.

Perfect ADD-ON For Car Seat: Car Seat Headrest Neck Rest Cushion is just what your car was missing! It helps to ease your neck pain and gives you the support you need while driving. Extremely comfortable and supportive, perfect for the driver seat and passenger seat.

High-Quality Material: Made of high-density memory foam, breathable mesh, and artificial leather, our headrest cushion could maintain its shape and you will feel soft and comfortable. And the PU leather fits your seat looking very well.





BREATHABLE AND WASHABLE: Our cushion features a breathable design that allows for constant airflow through the cushion, helping to keep the cushion soft and comfy for a great user experience.  It features a removable outer layer, that is machine washable to remove any dirt or bacteria from daily use.

EASY TO INSTALL: The Elastic strap design allows you to easily install and remove the headrest cushion. Simply place the elastic strap over the headrest and tighten/adjust the headrest to the position you desire. 

Cleaning & Maintenance: Equipped with a hidden zipper, the padded headrest cover can be easily opened and removed, then washed by hand for quick & easy cleaning. Please Note: Do not machine wash due to leather fabric. And the memory foam cannot be washed, otherwise, it will shorten the service life, just take out the internal filling then let it air dry in a cool & ventilated place.


Size: 30 x 22 x 8 cm/11.8 x 8.6 x 3.1 inches

Weight: 350g

Material: PU Leather + Memory Cotton


Car Seat Headrest Neck Rest Cushion × 1


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