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BloomCar™ Roof Glow

BloomCar™ Roof Glow

BloomCar™ Roof Glow

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Turn your car into a Starry Spot!

ENRICHES INTERIOR: Create a beautiful and charming interior in the car with this tiny yet most demanding device. It’ll be just like a ride through the galaxy!

PERFECT FOR DRIVE WITH DATE: What is a better date than spending time under the stars. Well, now you can bring that romantic setup into your car.

EASY SETUP: You can set yours up in less than 10 seconds! Just put the device into a Universal USB socket and enjoy.

HERE FROM THE INFLUENCERS: We collaborated with a few influencers. Look what they have to say about us.

MULTI-PATTERN PROJECTION: Dazzling lights have multiple patterns/shapes and they project pretty bright. Your car roof is going to be lit bright like Christmas eve!

EMOTIONAL APPEAL: The sky ceiling light can make the night more exciting, with charm and high emotional appeal. It makes the car atmosphere more romantic and increases the fun of driving.

FLEXIBLE: Roof LEDs can be supported by any USB interface and its 8-inch wire makes it more flexible to bend and carry it wherever you want. 

LONG-LASTING QUALITY: These LEDs could last 50,000 hrs with a very low power of 100mW. You can connect it to any USB port, be it your car’s or your computer’s – just plug it and enjoy!



Laser power: 100 mW (Blue & Red)

Working voltage: 5 V

Waterproof: YES, IPX4 waterproof

Connection: USB port (any)

Colour options: Blue and Red