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Bloomcar™ Premium Chasing Ambient Lighting (18 Piece Set)

Bloomcar™ Premium Chasing Ambient Lighting (18 Piece Set)

Bloomcar™ Premium Chasing Ambient Lighting (18 Piece Set)

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 Bring Instant Luxury To Your Ride With These 18 In 1 Chasing Ambient Lights

The 18-in-1 LED symphony ambient Lighting changes your car's vibe and transforms it into the most stylish ride ever. It’s about the purpose to help you get a stunning look at your car. It is not just a great choice, It’s a path to ultimate luxury.


Gateway To A Magnificent Car Transformation

Optimized & Adaptive Interface

Drive in style, with the Universal 18 In 1 LED Car Chasing Ambient Lights. Enjoy driving with your favorite music and control it from the car. The LED lights are optimized to match the music. Featuring a sync function, this lighting kit is programmed to adapt to the beat of the song and generates an appropriate light rhythm.

Perfectly Responds To Your Vibe

A Musical & Intelligent Décor

This kit is designed to be simple but exquisite. It is a kit for your car that can transform your car’s vibe & give it stunning energy. It has an intelligent sound sensor that adjusts brightness according to the symphony of the music you play. Features both chasing effect and solid colors effect according to the beats!

Perfect Set-Up – From A Date Night To A Night Out

Easy Light Temperature Control

This Symphony ambient lights Kit is suitable for those who want to add something luxurious & extraordinary to the interior of their car. It is equipped with the brightness color temperature adjustment mode for you to change the brightness level according to your mood. The acrylic material makes it a durable but awesome choice.



⭐️  Adaptive Main Interface- Multi-color options, Adjustable light & brightness controls.

⭐️  Switchable Color Modes- More than 200 combinations for different mood set-ups, Tri-color jump, flash, gradient & more!

⭐️  Smart Voice Controlling- Brightness changes according to the external voices.

⭐️  Music Mode- Lights respond to the beats of the music and give a very symphonic & rhythmic feel while driving.

⭐️  Super Easy Installation- Wedge the flat part directly into a crevice or narrow opening into the dashboard, to avoid 3M tapes and screws. Just PUSH, PLUG, PLAY.



✅ Superb Quality:- Made with awesome quality Acrylic material, which makes it cut-proof, as you can cut it at any desired length. Bright LED lights with equal brightness all around the Car.

✅ Wide Application:- Its easy compatibility feature makes it the perfect companion for all kinds of vehicles like cars, SUVs, RVs, trucks, minivans, and motorcycles as well.

✅ Water-Proof:- It's been sealed so tight that not a single drop of water can touch its circuit.

✅ Super Quality Products:- It's only quality products that we believe in. Our R&D Team has always made sure that the product we create is of super quality.

✅ After-Sales Service:- We have a dedicated team, which is 24/7 available for your assistance with your order.

✅ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:- These pedals have 30 Day money back guarantee. So it's assured and secured!



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