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BloomCar™ Interior Lights

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Make your car a Dazzling Light Source!

These ambient lights bring instant party feels to your car or truck. Dazzling touch to each drive.

VISUAL ENJOYMENT: The starry lights on the soles of the feet brings you a romantic atmosphere and are perfect for everyday use. Perfect gadget for your car.

 QUALITY: Our Interior Lighting is built with precision and high-quality D.I.Y. Saves you hundreds compared to shops.

MUTI-COLORS: Come with an RGB car LED strip, built-in sound-activated function, and color technology, car led lights not only emit over 16 million colors but also sync to music and mic. You can create your own unique colors (Blinking, Flashing, Brightness, etc.).Colors can dance with the rhythm of music or voice, making you feel like sitting in a music show scene.

 Led lights and interior car lights have come a long way over the years. The days of having a single color led light tube in your car are long gone. Now you can buy multi-color interior lights that can dance to the beat of the music in your car. These under-dash lighting kits are really next-level lights. Your car will have ambiance lighting similar to a dance club. Music mode on these lights is what sets them apart from the others.

The lights also support wireless remote control and app control, breathing mode, colorful loop. The remote control can help you to quickly access your favorite colors, light shows, or music modes with a simple press of the button. No more worries, we’ve got you covered!

EASY INSTALLATION: Find a fixed position, and stick it on the foot socket with one side by Velcro, and stick the other side on the back of the light.

 USB socket, universal for all models. The plug is directly connected to the drive jack, and the USB socket can be directly connected to the original car USB socket. It's universal!

MULTI-PURPOSE: These lights can be used in many scenes such as car, home, shop, and office. Make your trip Cool with a lighting atmosphere, ambient is suitable for gathering with family and friends, makes the car interior more gorgeous and romantic. Enjoy your drive with more happiness.

FOR FRIENDS & LOVERS: Bright enough to light up the mood. Make the car a dazzling light source. Soft romantic lighting is a great way to lighten the mood and spice up your life. It's perfect for couples who stay in their cars or enjoy camping.

FOR KIDS: With this light, the kids are in a better mood because there are more lights to attract them, they can dance to music, they can sing to change the color, and so on. Light makes a journey like a party, never boring.

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